What is the ACN?

The Apple Consultants Network (or ACN as it’s commonly known) is a network of IT companies local to you that offer solutions and support to your Apple-based computing.  We are all working towards making sure that businesses, educational institutions and consumers are set up, configured, and supported correctly.

What is the benefit to me of using an ACN member?

  1. We are all independent businesses so you’re supporting local, which in this global age is always a plus.
  2. You can search the Apple Consultants Network for an IT consultant local to you anywhere in the world.
  3. All members of the ACN must complete Apple’s rigorous training programmes and focus on successfully implementing Apple solutions.
  4. ACN members often have experience integrating Apple technology into a multitude of environments.  This means you’ll have an across-the-board solution that works seamlessly.
  5. You have the peace of mind of knowing that we have been vetted by Apple directly, who are satisfied with our skill-set, expertise and customer service. It is a long process to join the ACN so you know you’re in good hands as only the best are accepted!

What kind of things could Crossover Solutions do for us, as an ACN member?

We can set up, integrate and support both iOS and macOS devices as well as helping to configure your macOS servers, manage IT infrastructure, work with multi-platform networks and help integrate Macs into these.  Crossover can also assist you with backup solutions, Internet connectivity, VoIP systems and so much more.  We can also help automate software rollouts from a managed service standpoint or self-service solution.

For those clients that wish to have a better understanding of their IT solution, we offer bespoke training on all aspects of a system. Whether you’re a sole trader who has no in-house IT support or a large business or school, we work with you to ensure that you have as much knowledge and expertise as you desire.

What have we done for some of our ACN clients?

A recent example… a large business with multiple office locations across London contacted us via the Apple Consultant Network.  We work locally to them as well as covering all of London and the Home Counties so it made sense for them to have a consultant that could support their whole network.  They were investigating a switch to Macs across their entire business and needed to know that the system could be set up, installed and supported to further their business aims, while minimising disruption to staff members.  A combination of roll out, backup, and training their entire workforce is now underway.

Another small creative client wanted an app building for their photography business.  We accomplished this using a hosted FileMaker Pro database.  Now all client data is captured, stored, and backed up automatically, and accessible from all their devices.

Why are we thrilled by our official ACN status?

As well as having the potential to help more end users and business, we are really proud to know that Apple are happy recommending us to their customers.  We pride ourselves on our expertise and our outstanding customer service, so we’re thrilled to know that Apple values these things about us too!

Dave Deslauriers

Dave is a director and co-founder at Crossover Solutions.  He has been looking after Apple devices and their users for over 20 years.