Network infrastructure plays a critical role in the reliability of any system. Switches, routers and Wi-Fi access points are often overlooked, but without them none of us would be able to access the many services we use every day for business and pleasure.


When you are deploying devices at scale, a robust managed Wi-Fi system is absolutely essential. We have extensive experience designing, planning, and installing Wi-Fi systems and are able to supply the best system to suit your needs

Our knowledge of all things network-related and experience in running a co-location business have provided us with the expertise to ensure your network runs turbocharged and without bottlenecks. From a simple single-cabinet topology to a VRRP-linked sprawl of switches and routers, we can help with your networking needs.



If you have multiple buildings to link together, you may want to consider using a dedicated point-to-point wireless link before investing in a leased line or LAN extension from a telecoms provider. In most cases, a wireless link provides far greater throughput at a significantly reduced cost. With no ongoing annual subscription to worry about, if you have line or near-line of sight between buildings, point-to-point wireless is often the best solution. Contact us to discuss your networking needs.