Mac and iOS

Our engineers have been taming Macs in multi-platform environments for over 15 years and our shared breadth of experience means that we are confident in our ability to solve almost any issue. Using in-house and third-party developed software, we are able to expand on the default ‘out-of-box experience’ that Apple offers. While a Mac or iPad usually works flawlessly in a home environment, obtaining the same level of reliability in an education or business environment can present numerous challenges. The modern Apple device is a great citizen on non-native networks, the most popular and obvious one being based on Microsoft’s Active Directory. Our extensive experience in setting up and supporting Macs in heterogenous environments allows us to solve problems when other support providers can’t.


As part of a deployment, we will register on your behalf for various Apple services such as the Volume Purchase Program and Device Enrollment Program. We will guide you through the various terms and concepts used in both of these programmes and explain how they work in plain English.


Once the devices are configured and working to your specifications, ongoing proactive maintenance is a key part of our service. A device that is up-to-date and secure one day could be vulnerable the next. Keeping current with software patches is crucial, not only from a security perspective but also with regard to functionality. We work with a variety of management solutions and will recommend the best option for your setup and budget.